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Yakshagana is one of the most unique dance forms in India because it is a mix of art, dance and drama.  Unfortunately, this treasure from Coastal Karnataka is facing extinction with just a handful of artistes left and no pipeline ahead. Renowned Yakshagana dancer Priyanka K Mohan has collaborated with Bookosmia to create awareness on the dance form. To this effect, we have come out with a book targeted at ages 7 and above, priced at 125/- only.
Here is the synopsis of the story book :
Synopsis – 8 year old Yaksha is the new boy in class. He hates his name, has no friends and thinks he isn’t special. On the eve of ‘Be your own superhero day’ in school, Yaksha learns a 200 year old secret – that he is a descendant of a great Yakshagana dancer in the 19th century, whose dream was to make this traditional dance and art form from Karnataka popular. As his parents and grandmother introduce him to this incredible dance form, Yaksha realizes the deep connection his name has with him. But time is running out. Can Yaksha step up to his legacy and be the superhero this dying dance form needs to survive?
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