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‘A letter and gifts FOR Santa’ by 8 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

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Festivals with Sara Diwali for kids Bookosmia

Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here!

Hurray!! December is here which means Christmas and New Year festivities. Here is hoping that the next year will be nothing like this one.


Today’s write up by 8 year old Pehar Kaur from Kolkata is endearing, in its intent of doing for someone, whom we usually take for granted.

Read with Sara letter to Santa by kids Bookosmia

Pehar is an 8 year old fun loving vivacious kid who loves art and craft.She strongly believes in the magic of Santa Claus and always wants to be on his “nice” list.

Pehar is a student of Little Readers’ Nook, Ballygunge, Kolkata



Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas!

Delivering letters, giving gifts,  working hard….

Why don’t you get a present for a change?

Why don’t I give you a present this year?


You can catch a break. 

Instead of giving a present, you get one!

Now that’s a bonus! I hope you enjoy the gifts I give you.

This is what I am getting you-

Hand embroidered face mask for Santa

Hair bow for Mrs. Santa

Festivals with Sara gifts for Santa by kids Bookosmia



Kolkata, India

13/5b Chowringhee Terrace, Kolkata-20

Letter to santa for kids by kids Bookosmia


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