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‘Amazing Abu Dhabi’ A Travel Review by 9 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

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Activities with Sara Places to visit Bookosmia

Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here! Welcome to my ‘Places with Sara‘ section ?

I can’t wait to pack my bags and head out. Until then lets read through these wonderful travel memories from kids. Let’s keep our wish lists ready!

Today’s  review of Abu Dhabi is by 9 year old Dhruv Arora. He studies at Don Bosco School Park Circus, Kolkata and is a student of Word Munchers. He likes reading books and watch videos related to world maps.


In the middle of December, 2019, I visited Abu Dhabi with my family and some of my family friends. I travelled there by airplane and stayed there for one day. I stayed in ‘The Novotel’ in Abu Dhabi.

novotel abu dhabi place review by kids Bookosmia



Our bedroom had a TV, bathroom, desk, closet and a comfortable bed. There are a lot of interesting places in Abu Dhabi but I think Ferrari World was the biggest and best place of all. There were so many things to do there and it had the fastest roller coaster in the world! It also had full real Ferrari models from the beginning of the Ferrari company.

places with Sara ferrari building Abu Dhabi Bookosmia



We kept on eating different kinds of fries and yummy chicken shawarma. My brother’s favourite colour is yellow so he loved seeing all the Ferrari cars that were yellow. I think that is the best feature of the city.

There is also a building shaped like a boot! How crazy do you think that is?

read with sara place review abu dhabi bookosmia



Now, let’s talk about food. There are special dates grown across the UAE and the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula! But these aren’t ordinary dates. They taste very sweet and chewy.

Read with Sara story for kids nuts from Abu Dhabi Bookosmia



I would recommend visiting Abu Dhabi because it is a beautiful city and there are many attractions there. So, please pay a visit and you definitely won’t regret it !

Read with Sara Abu Dhabi place review by kids Bookosmia


Activities with Sara Places to visit Bookosmia

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