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‘Bonjour Paris: Exploring City’ A travel story by 8 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

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Bonjour everyone! Your best friend Sara here! While COVID has locked us in, our imagination can still help us revisit all those lovely holidays! Welcome to my ‘Places with Sara‘ section ?


Read with Sara story by Viaan BaidBonjour means ‘hello’ in French. I learnt this word from my 8 year old friend Viaan Baid from Kolkata who visited beautiful Paris. Here’s his travel story from there!
He is a student of Delhi Public School and Word Munchers.

I went to Paris in the year 2017 with my parents and younger brother. After reaching Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport we booked a cab to Tim Hotel. It was a beautiful hotel having a café and a bookstore.

tim hotel paris review by kids Bookosmia

The most fascinating feature of the city was the lighting of Eiffel Tower during the evening which we saw when we went on the cruise at the River Seine. We also went to the top of the Eiffel Tower and saw the whole city of Paris.

Read with Sara story by Viaan Baid

There is a bakery named Lindt where we ate chocolates and croissants. The local people over there are very helpful. Once when we forgot the way, they helped us reach where we intended to go.

lindt bakery paris holiday review by kids Bookosmia

We took a ride on the red big bus.

red big bus paris holiday review by kid Bookosmia

We went to Disney Land for two days where we enjoyed the big slides. It was very beautiful. I met the real Mickey Mouse. We saw the live show of many Disney characters. I liked it very much.

disney land paris travel review Bookosmia

This was the most memorable trip. If I close my eyes, I can recall the places I went to. I would like to go to Paris again.


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