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Happy festivities everyone, your best friend Sara here!  What a time of the year, for celebrations throughout the country! Here is celebrating  Halloween, a big hit with kids!


We have some limericks from 8 year old Harshika Agarwal from Kolkata. Do you know what a limerick is? It is a humorous  poem with five lines, the first two lines have the same final sound as the last line. One might think it is easy, but most find it to be a hard nut to crack!

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Harshika goes to La Martienere for Girls, Kolkata and learns creative writing at Word Munchers. She is very creative and has a different outlook towards life. Learning to draw and putting her imagination on paper, swimming and book reading are her passions.


He went to a haunted house,

And steeped onto a big fat mouse.

He bumped into a scary witch,

Who had  a ferocious  bitch.

He was still waiting for his spouse.




I went into a pumpkin town,

Which had many clown.

I fell into a pit of bats,

I met two scary cats.

I saw mice and never came down.


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