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‘Hello, I am the Indian fox,’ Poem by Jeevasini Patnana from Bhubaneswar

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Nature with Sara activities for kids BookosmiaHello hello, Sara here! Thanks for pouring in your entries to the exciting Children’s Day contests around wildlife. We found a beautiful way to enjoy nature, while still being locked in, isn’t it?
Thanks to fun facts by Kaadoo, makers of wildlife-based, table top games and sponsors of the Children’s Day contest prizes.
Here is Jeevasini Patnana from Bhubaneswar sharing a delightful poem on the Indian fox with us.
indian fox facts for kids Nature with Sara Bookosmia
I have fur everywhere
I have a bushy tail,
Whatever I find to eat
I manage very well.
Bugs, rodents, birds or fruits
Who am I, can you guess?
Hello, I am the Indian fox
My colour is reddish peach,
I am neither giant nor tiny
I am a simple guy.
Indian fox Indian fox, Yay!
Found in the mountains and plains
Villages and urban lanes,
Night is my time to play
Indian fox, Indian fox. Yay!
Nature with Sara activities for kids Bookosmia
Hey, Sara here again. Did you enjoy that wonderful poem? Now, as promised, some cool facts about the Indian Fox, also known as Bengal Fox. These cool facts have been curated by Kaadoo, in collaboration with World Wide Fund for Nature. (WWF)


Cool Fact 1:  The Indian fox’s favourite time of day is dawn or twilight.

Bengal foxes are predominantly crepuscular(active primarily during the twilight period) and nocturnal (being active during the night and sleeping during the day). While individuals may sometimes become active during cool periods of daytime, they typically spend warmer daylight hours under  vegetation.

Bengal fox facts Nature with Sara Bookosmia

Cool Fact 2: The tail of the Indian Fox is around 50–60% of the length of the head and body.  

The Indian Fox is more small and delicate in built, than the red fox. It can  readily be recognized by its bushy, black-tipped tail, which is around 50–60% of the length of the head and body.


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6 Replies to “‘Hello, I am the Indian fox,’ Poem by Jeevasini Patnana from Bhubaneswar”

  • Ananth

    Nice Informative. Best wishes and lots of applauds for Jeevasini for her post. Congratulation.

  • Suman

    Very imaginative and original. God bless the little poet…

  • Mamata Priyadarshini.

    Applaudable creativity Jeeva!!!Keep it up

  • ipsita priyadarsini

    Unique Jeevasini..mindblowing ?

  • Anamika

    Keep it up.. Congratulations to the budding poet

  • Pragya

    Very imaginative and pure .Reading this in solitaire gives a complete imagination of whats happening in the lines…true writer #born writer kudos jeevasini

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