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‘Little Hopes in Diwali’ Poem by 7 year old Arkendu Banerjee from Kolkata

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Festivals with Sara Diwali for kids Bookosmia


Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here!  What a time of the year, for celebrations throughout the country!

Diwali or Deepavali, the festival of lights is here. And we cant get enough of it!

Here is 7 year old Arkendu Banerjee from Kolkata with a poem of hope, drawing optimism from this festival.

Festival with Sara Arkendu Banerjee Poem on Diwali Bookosmia

Arkendu Banerjee loves to write poems and play synthesizer. He loves to dream and dreams that one day the world will be full of happiness and equality.

Arkendu is a student of Birla High School (Junior Section)



Hopes are high and moments to be cherished,
The time has come when darkness will be perished.
The lights are sparkling and the colours explode,
Once again the essence of Diwali unfold.


The story of Diwali is known to everyone,
It’s the day when the power of goodness has won.
Let us all pray together to stay strong,
Keep ourselves away from the things that are wrong.


Let Diwali bring the echoes of triumph and delight,
Bliss and peace spread in the Diwali night.
Let us share something with those who are sad,
Bringing happiness to them is not bad.


Tiny dreams in my tiny eyes,
May the power of God arise.
May goodness prevail over evil,
And happiness spreads over sighs


Festivals with Sara Diwali for kids Bookosmia

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