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‘Making A Christmas Tree’ By 5 year old Bookosmian from Coimbatore

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Hey everyone, your friend Sara here! Welcome to my vibrant ‘Art with Sara’ section for kids.


Here I publish the works of young artists who share their beautiful work and their passion for artwork in form of a write-up!




Art with Sara by Diya RaymondDo not miss this adorable story and art work by 5 year old Diya Raymond from Coimbatore where she tells us how she made a christmas tree. So cute!






My friends Pink, Reddy, Bunny and I are very excited. We are going to build a Christmas tree.  Art with Sara by Diya Raymond

We are going to make it with sticks and paint it green. We will put the decorations too. Come on, let’s start. I can’t wait!

Art with Sara by Diya Raymond

Now we are all done and we are going to sleep.

It’s Christmas today!

Bunny and Reddy have woken up too. I can see something under the tree. It must be presents!

3…2…1…yah! Presents! I can’t wait to open them.

Art with Sara by Diya Raymond


“Yah! I got a horse,” said Pink.

“I got a bird,” said Reddy.

“I got a kitchen set,” said Bunny.

We are going to play!


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