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Read with Sara poem for mom Jahnavi BookosmiaAre you on Santa’s nice or naughty list? 15 year old Jahnavi VP, a Bookosmian from Salem is curious to know.

She is a student of Sri Chaitanya School, Salem, Tamilnadu.


Santa claus - Nice or naughty list?

On a snowy night, I could hear the ringing bell

Is it magical? Does it cast any spell?

Its almost Christmas! Can I see any angel?

Hey lovely Santa If you arrive, please do tell!


On my way home I could see the slushy snow

Which sparkle my eyes with its glittering glow.

I am in love with this festival.

Does my Santa know?

I am happy as I could see the happiness of all my people grow.


This festive is full of magic and gives us lovable gifts

Will I get a glance of Santa as I had wished?

Will he get me the pretty gifts that I had in my wish list?

I don’t have patience, my eagerness just cannot resist.


I have made some cakes and decorated my golden Christmas tree

Santa my house is just nearby and its number is just Thirty Three

Santa, am I in your list?

Will you just make me lucky?

Or am I disturbing you?

Are you very busy?


Santa claus - Nice or naughty list?



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