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“Santa is calling in sick. Who will rescue Christmas?” Story by 12 year old Bookosmian from Mumbai

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Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here!

Hurray!! December is here which means Christmas and New Year festivities.


Here is hoping that the next year will more than make up for the last one 🙂

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When Santa takes ill, who would rescue Christmas? Today’s exciting write up is by 12 year old Arav Barmecha from Mumbai.  Arav studies at Ascend International School, Mumbai .



“Santa! Santa! Are you ok?” Ms. Clause asks.

“I think I have fallen ill from all the soot in the chimneys that I deliver gifts from,” Santa says as he sneezes on his napkin and stares at the black powder from his lungs.

“No, No, you can’t be sick today. It is Christmas Eve! You have to deliver all the gifts today!” Ms. Clause exclaims.

“I am getting too old and sick from all that soot!”  Santa says.

“What will happen to Christmas if Santa is sick?” Ms. Clause asks worryingly.

“You must save Christmas, you must!” Santa exclaimed.

Ms. Clause calls three elves and tells them to get Santa’s supplies and get the sledge ready. She summons two more elves and tells them to keep an eye on Santa, just in case.

Ms. Clause wore Santa’s extra suit, beard, belt, hat, and even his boots. Ms. Clause was getting ready to board the magic sledge when the voice of Santa broke through, “You forgot to take the gifts bag.”

Ms. Clause ran towards the living room and picked up the huge bag full of gifts with the help of a total of 15 elves. She dumped the bag in the back of the  sledge and began to take off.

Ms. Clause rode above the clouds to a place called Kolkata, where there were so many lights that she would have been blinded if she stared any longer. She started dropping gifts through chimneys and windows where the Christmas trees were. In two minutes, she was finished with the blinding place and went off. She kept at it all night, almost till day broke.


The last stop was a strange place called Mumbai, where it was so hot that she would have burned up in the suit, if not for the AC in the sledge.

After two hours of hard work, she was finally done and she began to return home. As she was approaching the North Pole, she got a call that it was not  safe to travel outside any longer, due to a large number of people getting up in the morning. She told them that she was coming home soon and that she was safe.

When she reached she went straight to Santa and told him Christmas was saved!


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5 Replies to ““Santa is calling in sick. Who will rescue Christmas?” Story by 12 year old Bookosmian from Mumbai”

  • Divya

    Woww… that’s a great save and a beautiful read!

  • Archana

    Grttt… Ms.. Clause save the day… So beautifully written.

  • Ranjeet

    A great save, loved the story ?

  • Natasha Dotoeala

    Loved it! And yes indeed a great save

  • Nitya singh

    Loved it. Beautifully written

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