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Santa is sick! Who will give Christmas presents? | Bookosmia

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Santa claus story Bookosmia

Santa Claus- the man you know, his journey you don’t! 8 year Harshika Agarwal, a Bookosmian from Kolkata tells us an incredible tale of how Santa managed despite being sick!


Once when Christmas was around the corner, Santa was instructing the elves that since there were so many presents they had to load it beforehand.  Since Santa was outside in the cold for so long and was wearing just a robe and slippers, he caught  a cold. Now let’s  pause Santa’s story and go to a city where a man named Ethan lived.

Ethan was a very grumpy man , as he never liked the company of others and did not believe in any of the fantasy tales but he was a kind hearted fellow.

Once, on the eve of Christmas he had to get some groceries and when he went to the check-out counter, he saw a card. He said, “Ma’am , could I have this card?”

“Oh! Yes, sure.”

As he walked out he read the card. It was an invitation to the north pole. Date 22.12 2021. He thought this would be relaxing for him. As expected, the ship was also decorated in a Christmas theme.

boat christmas Bookosmia

On the way, he heard people talking about father Christmas. Ethen whispered to himself, “Ugh , again this Christmas stuff!”

When they arrived, a portal appeared in front of them and out emerged Mrs. Claus. Suddenly the crowd was filled with murmurs.

Mrs Claus exclaimed that Mr. Claus was unwell and lot of work was pending. She requested the people to help. Some to make presents with the elves, some to wrap gifts and others to load gifts.

Ethan got the gift wrapping work. He did not complete his work nor did he like it because he did not like Christmas. On Christmas eve, Mrs. Claus said that they required the wrapped presents by that day but there were about fifty more presents left. Ethan heard this. During the night he snuck into the packaging room and wrapped all the presents. Next morning everyone was surprised to see his work.

Santa knew it was Ethan. It was because of him that children got their gifts. Then the people were teleported back to their houses. Now Ethan was a cheerful and jolly man as he understood the joy of helping people instead of living a self-centered life.

christmas story Bookosmia


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