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‘The Man and The Fox,’by 8 year old Avni Kamath from Bangalore- Tangram Stories#7

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Hello little ones. Sara here, everyone’s new best friend! I love these mini tangram tales from my friends at Little Readers Nook. Check out the story of The Man and The Fox, by 8 year old Avni Kamath from Bangalore.


One day when he was walking home, he met a fox. The fox said,”I am very hungry.” So the man gave him some food to eat. The fox was very happy and guarded the man’s house throughout the night for any danger.

The next morning, the man saw the fox outside his house. He had not gone  from there, so he asked the fox, “Why are you still here?”

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The fox replied, “Because you gave me food, I was very happy and I thought should protect your house.” Then the man and fox became very good friends.


Avni Kamath,8, Bangalore

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