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Suzy and the Grey Kite by 7 year old Naisha from Gurgaon- Tangram#23

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Hello little ones.  Sharing this extremely creative story by a little author, 7 year old Naisha from Little Readers Nook Gurgaon.  Beautiful tangrams and an even better message- Looks dont matter, our confidence does.



Suzy and the Grey Kite

Sara's Activities Tangram STEM for kidsOnce upon a time there lived a girl called Suzy. She was going to the Kite  festival riding on her beautiful unicorn. As they reached the kite festival, Suzy saw a gloomy grey kite sitting alone.

Nobody took him .Everybody only bought colourful kites. The grey kite was  locked in a glass and it was sobbing. Suzy felt sad for the grey kite and quickly  took the kite from the shopkeeper.


The kite was relieved to come out of the glass and thanked the girl for taking him. Suzy sat on the unicorn and they went on top of the green mountain to fly the grey kite high up in the blue sky. The grey kite felt awkward in the sky  among all the bright ones. He thought, “If I fall all the other kites will laugh at  me.”

But Suzy and the kite did not give up. Soon he began to enjoy the fresh air and began to rise high, high, so high. He started loving it. Seeing him dance so high all the other colored kites learnt a lesson that they should not have made fun of him. They realized that dark or colorful doesn’t matter. It is important to be confident and happy with ourselves.

Now the grey kite lives happily ever after in his new home…


Naisha Bothra,7, Gurgaon

32 Replies to “Suzy and the Grey Kite by 7 year old Naisha from Gurgaon- Tangram#23”

  • Ranjana

    Naisha I am amazed how nicely and beautifully you expressed your wonderful creation in the form of story. Keep it up ?
    Ranjana Bhandari
    Principal Holy Angel School
    Jodhpur Rajasthan

  • Ruchika Avasthi

    Wow Naisha lovely this is so imaginative…. and totally loved the way you have explained the importance of loving yourself . Keep writing 🙂 I will be your follower here

  • Rajendra

    Very good written by naisha emagige how beautiful expressed

  • Amazing work naisha!!!!! You’ve weaved a wonderful story. Very creative.

  • Pooja Kheterpal

    Wow! Such an innocent imagination with a beautiful message put together in simple words. Well done

  • Bharti

    Good one written by lovely naisha

  • Manvika

    This is amazing Naisha !! So articulate and so detailed !! Love it

  • Rachna Borar

    Great job Naisha. Keep writing!

  • Aanika

    Great job Naisha! Keep it up!?

  • Shradha

    Wow .. thats so well penned.. superb work at such young age

  • Beautiful thought and beautifully written

  • Divya

    Beautifully written Naisha! Very well expressed and articulated… Keep up the good work

  • Gautam

    Beautiful story with a meaning. Looking forward for more stories from a little writer

  • Uma Malik Rao

    The expert in anything was once a beginner! What a great start Naisha , I am so proud of you !

    I loved the story and mind igniting thought process!

    Keep it up !

  • Divya Kapoor

    Very well written Naisha! Excellent articulation and beautifully written

  • Aayushi Yadav

    Beautiful creation Naisha?
    Shine bright babydoll??

  • It’s beautiful loved it ??

  • Well done ??

  • Kanta Barmecha

    Amezing Naisha great job very well written story.Proud of you.Keep it up.????

  • Prabhalodha

    It is beautiful super story written very well do keep writing

  • Suraj oswal

    ???? ?????? ? ???????? ?????? ???? ????? ??? ?? ?
    ???? ?????

  • Snehlata

    Snehlata:, Very well written at such a young age. Keep it up!

  • Bharti shah

    Naisha you are genious. At this age you can really read mind. I have become your fan. Pl continue your writing with new new practical imagination with your Innocent heart and mind
    Do send me your further stories

  • Mrinal Barmecha

    Well done Naisha.You have written a very meaningful story.Keep it you loads

  • Neelam

    Some fabulous work for a child as you!Your creativity will take u places!Very few can conceptualise a good idea into a well written story!Keep up the good work??????

  • Heena Mehta

    There is a beautiful thought underlying your story. Loved it. Keep writing. You have a flair for it.

  • Smita Chaudhary

    Beautifully written story…simple and fluid narration with a lovely message. Great work, Naisha !

  • Great job!!

  • Divya Bothra

    Naisha , you have written it so well and carries such a deep meaning. Very proud.??

  • Manish

    Nice job Naisha! ??

  • Sangeeta

    Very well written Naisha! ?

  • Nidhi

    Very well written and meaningful story!! Keep it up!

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