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‘Sparrow and the Wild Cat’ by 7 year old Swara Sameer Pandit of Mumbai Tangram #24

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Swara Sameera Pandit Tangram Stories by kids BookosmiaHello little ones.  Here is an endearing Tangram story , from 7 year old Swara Sameer Pandit of Little Readers Nook Mumbai, with a wonderful message of friendship.




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Once there was a dense jungle  and in the middle of the jungle, there was a  Banyan tree. A  flock of sparrows used to live on that tree. One wild cat was  staying in the bushes near the tree. The wild cat used to chase the sparrows  and both of them always kept fighting.


One bright sunny day , the sparrows were resting on the tree and the wild cat was also relaxing and sleeping nearby. One wolf was slowly approaching the cat and the cat was not at all aware of the same. The sparrows saw the scary wolf and all the sparrows attacked and pecked at the wolf. The wolf ran backed to the jungle. The wild cat was really happy and thanked the sparrows.


A few days passed by and the sparrows were eating near the tree as they were busy eating, one black kite was coming towards them. The cat saw the black kite and scared the black kite. The sparrow thanked the wild cat after that they became good friends and lived happily.


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57 Replies to “‘Sparrow and the Wild Cat’ by 7 year old Swara Sameer Pandit of Mumbai Tangram #24”

  • Yogita Walavalkar

    Absolutely loved that a 7 year old girl is so compassionate and has an understanding about friendship and human relations ! Keep imagining Swara and create more stories ! Hugs …

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  • Abhishek Rahalkar

    Very well narrated story and quality container.
    Well Done Swara! Keep Writing!!

  • Prachi Joshi

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  • Amruta Khare Padhye

    Great effort Swara and nice coloring! Keep shining!!

  • Meena Malgaonkar

    very nice story. Keep it up.

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