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‘The Christmas Lantern’ by 6 year old Krisha Gehi from Mumbai- Tangram Stories#37

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Tangram stories with Sara activities for kids Bookosmia

Hey young readers, Sara here! Do you know what a Tangram is?Tangram is a  dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat polygons, called tans, which are  rearranged together to form different shapes and patterns. Tangrams are a  great learning tool for building STEM skills.


Tangram Story with Krisha Gehi6.5 years old Krisha Gehi of Little Readers Nook, Mumbai shares her creative Tangram and a wonderful story. Can we all have our Christmas Lanterns to make a wish come true! 




Long time ago in the kingdom of falls, a king and his wife were sad. They had always wished for a child but never had one. At last the wish was granted. The  Queen gave birth to a baby girl on Christmas morning.


One day the princess was in her garden, when a seller came by and asked if  she wanted his special Christmas lantern.

Lantern Tangram stories with Sara activities for kids by Bookosmia

The princess was very happy. She  gave him lots of money even if he didn’t ask for it. One day she asked her  lantern, “Please take me for a trip to the moon.”


The lantern said,”Hold on tight!”

And flew up to the moon and back to earth.

21 Replies to “‘The Christmas Lantern’ by 6 year old Krisha Gehi from Mumbai- Tangram Stories#37”

  • Danesh

    Very sweet penning down of imagination . Kudos to the six and a half year old lil Krisha : )

  • Divya motwani

    Kudos, ????way to go

  • Virali

    Great job kiddo !

  • Virali Makhijani

    Great job kiddo !

  • Pooja

    Wow krisha too good, keep it up. Love you??? loads


    Very Nice Krisha ??
    Keep it up.

  • Amit Jham

    Well done krisha. Keep it going

  • Amit Jham

    Well done krisha. Keep it up ??

  • Rishi

    Nice. Keep writing. Keep imagining. Keep up the awesome work

  • Mahesh

    Well done krisha, look forward to many more of such cute stories?

  • Kanchan b

    Love u a lot hugs and kisses to my sweeto
    Jyoti didi

  • Ruchi Kuthiala Ahuja

    How creative and awesome the little storyteller. Kudos Krisha!

  • Hiiren Nasta

    Great article by Krisha.. way to go ????

  • Ketan

    Nice! Keep it up ?

  • Nisha

    Wow Krisha!! Very cute.. Want to peep more into your wonderful world. Keep sharing the visuals..

  • Kanika Khubchandani

    Great work krisha!! Looking forward for more!!

  • Rahul jham

    Awesome to see such imagination for the Tangram u made above. Nicely done Kiddo… ????

  • Heena Katejra

    Awesome and kiddos to you. We hope to see and read your writing more often. Happy imagination ?

  • Nimesh Advani

    Very well written ?

  • Anita Kamath

    Well done . Great imagination by such a young kid keep it up!

  • Kanchan Mendha

    Way to go … lovely ??

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