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‘Winter is when Christmas comes’ Poem by Bookosmian from Mysore

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Hey everyone, Hey friends, Sara here! Can you feel the chill in the wind? 0 year old Lakshyan Raj from Mysore, talks about all that the chill of winter brings, including Christmas…yipppeee!

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Lakshyan is a keen explorer. He loves drawing doodles, painting and playing outdoors. He is very comfortable with more friends around him to play with.He is a student of The Hobby Place.


Winter, winter pleasant and cold
Winter, winter Gingerbread mould
Winter is when Christmas comes
Winter is when Santa Claus bumps

It is when we stay in
It is when togetherness begins
The polar bear has thick fur
It helps it to avoid cold that makes us go burr!!!


Mom makes us some hot chocolate
That makes us warm
And my mom does not let me go to the big farm!
I like snow but before I play,
My dad has to plow the snow .


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2 Replies to “‘Winter is when Christmas comes’ Poem by Bookosmian from Mysore”

  • Druva

    Beautifully Worded Lakshyan Raj. Keep up the good work !!

  • Ananya.k.m

    “Every beautiful story has a beautiful ending ”.i like it lakshyan Raj ..grow more keep it up !

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