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2021: A Reflection | A Poem | Bookosmia

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Amayra Gupta
The countdown to 2022 has begun. Here’s some reflection on the year gone by from 10 year old Amayra Gupta, a Bookosmian from Delhi. How was 2021 for you?
She goes to Montfort Senior Secondary, Delhi

2021: A Reflection | A Poem | Bookosmia

A Poem- 2021: A Reflection 

goodbye 2021 bookosmia poem

2021 brought a lot of problems

and you might think it was a waste,

but it also made us stop from our busy life

and look around us from our family to tooth paste.


Before Covid–19, every student wished

of a holiday that lasts 365 days,

but now we want to go to school and not sit at home,

every student says.

When 2021 started, with a ray of positivity everyone hoped

that this year would be better than the previous one,

but till the end of the year, most of us were shattered

like to our head someone was pointing a gun.


But 2021 was not so bad

It gave us a chance to bond with people around us,

there were many minuses about 2021

but there were also a lot of plus.

2022 A poem Bookosmia

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