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2022 – Let’s Adapt – Change is the only constant | Poem | Bookosmia

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Saksham Bansal
Change is inevitable so let’s embrace it, writes 12 year old Saksham Bansal, a Bookosmian from Ludhiana. What has been the biggest change last year for you?
He goes to Om Parkash Bansal Modern School.

2022 – Let’s Adapt – Change is the only constant | Poem | Bookosmia

change poem bookosmia

From cycles, we went to motor bikes

From simple shoes, we went to Nikes. 

For news, we went to apps

From large reels, we evolved to snaps.


Games went from ground to phones.

Security evolved now into drones.

For entertainment we now have TVs

Elections are now done through EVs.


Watches have replaced the clock

Digital pens are the new chalk

Around technology, the companies revolve

The world will forever continue to evolve.


Very quickly we have to change, 

As we live in a technological age.

It teaches us to quickly move on,

Not to cry over what is gone.

Change Poem Bookosmia

About the author-
Saksham Bansal
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