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2022 – My Wishlist to God | Poem | Bookosmia

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Bookosmia Spotlight

Yashvi Jalan

What do you ask of God in the new year? 13 year old Yashvi Jalan, a Bookosmian from Kolkata has her list sorted!

Congrats to Word Munchers for nurturing her creativity

2022 – My Wishlist to God | Poem | Bookosmia

2022 Wishlist Poem Bookosmia

An extravagant bungalow,

A sleek Lamborghini,

Everlasting money bundles,

And tantalizing dishes.


A slender figure,

Alluring face,

Glamorous hair,

In vogue clothes.


Incessant knowledge,

An iron hand for foes,

Melodical vocal cords,

Graceful dance moves.


Courteousy for elders,

Loyalty towards friends,

Is what I wished yesterday,

As I conversed with God.



About the writer Yashvi

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