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‘How to Impress Santa’ A Wonderful Poem by 12 year old Samaira Bhansali from Mumbai

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Samaira Bhansali

Hey everyone, Sara here. Here is a wonderful poem written by Samaira Bhansali with easy instructions on how to impress Santa or anyone else .

Samaira goes to Cathedral School in Mumbai and is a student of Little Kathakar Writers’ Club by Not Just Tales founder KathaVachak Khushboo.

‘How to Impress Santa’ A Wonderful Poem by 12 year old Samaira Bhansali from Mumbai

Ingredients –
1 teaspoon of promises

1 tablespoon of prayers

1/2 a cup of discipline

1 cup of understanding

5 cups of chores

4 cups of listening

8 ladles of love

25 cups of goodness

3 cups of manners

50 cups of laughter

Directions –

1] Finish your homework, brush your hair,

have a shower, show love and care.

2] Wake up fresh, do your chores,

don’t forget to sweep the floors.

3] Attend school, pay attention,

do not get yourself into detention.

4] Help out, keep your promise,

clean up, show your goodness.
5] Go to bed, say your prayers,

don’t forget to show good manners

6] Always keep discipline,

show that you are listening.

7] To your friends, show understanding,

always continue being outstanding.

8] Laugh out loud, celebrate,

make sure you finish all the cake.’

9] Joke about, there’s no limit,

run around, keep up the spirit.

10] Want to impress Santa Claus?

Do remember to follow these laws.



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