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A Daughter Is A Blessing From Lord | Bookosmia


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Prabhgeet Kaur

How’s it going? Your friend, Sara here. 11 year old Prabhgeet Kaur, a  Bookosmian from Kolkata writes a special poem to celebrate all daughters and tell us how they are equal to the boys in every way. Parents of daughters, is there a special message you have for your lovely girls?

Prabhgeet is a student of Loreto House School, Kolkata.

A Daughter Is A Blessing From Lord | Bookosmia

A daughter is a charm,
When she is there, her family will not face any harm.

There is warmth in her smile,
Daughters are a form of ‘Laxmi’ so taking best care of them is worthwhile.


A daughter is a blessing from Lord


Daughters bring a special and overwhelming joy,
And every moment with them from deep inside one enjoys.

And as she lays her feet in adulthood,
She beams with pride on her way to success.
And as she becomes independent than ever,
You begin to love her even more than ever no matter whatsoever.


A daughter is a blessing from Lord


She loves and supports each one with no hatred in mind,
She always shows up to be grateful and kind.

No words can describe a daughter and her heart,
Having a daughter is a blessing from the Lord.

She is the one who can make you smile no matter if everything else falls apart

So, who says daughters cannot be doctors, engineers and officers?
They are as equal to sons, so why make a difference, I wonder.

A daughter is a blessing from Lord


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3 Replies to “A Daughter Is A Blessing From Lord | Bookosmia”

  • Suneet

    It’s a beautiful thought. And at this age to know and understand gender equality!!!
    A change maker with pen !!!!
    Keep up with the great writing you do ,Prabhgeet!

  • Harpreet Kaur

    Proud of you dear daughter

  • Mita Ghosh

    Keep your poetic flow going Geet. Do not let this God’s gift fade away. I want to see you as a great Poetess of the country. Blessings and love

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