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‘A Day As A Chef’ Essay by 7 year old Bookosmian from New Delhi

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Kiaan Raj Nathan

Hey everyone! Sara here. Hope you are having a great Monday. 7 old Kiaan from Delhi certainly is, with his culinary skills. Who’s hungry? Me too!

Kiaan goes to Modern School Vasant Vihar and is a student of Word Munchers.

‘A Day As A Chef’ Essay by 7 year old Bookosmian from New Delhi

Making food out of different ingredients is interesting and sometimes I try to make something with the help of my mother.

I was participating in a cooking competition held in my colony. There were three rounds and I thought of making something healthy as well as scrumptious. That day I made a salad with Zucchini, tomatoes, sausages, cucumber and sprouts. I mixed the ingredients well with a spatula and garnished with salt and barbeque sauce.

For beverage, I decided to make coffee with milk, sugar, filter coffee powder and hot water.

First, I put hot water into the filter and then added filter coffee powder and the rest of the ingredients.

Next, I decided to make a delicious dessert. I blended chocolate and strawberry milkshake and added a lot of colourful toppings like wafers, rainbow candies and syrup. I named the dessert after my favourite dinosaur Compsognathus. The judge really appreciated my food and I came second.

I got a small silver-coloured trophy which really encouraged me. That day I learnt to make salads as well as creative desserts. Cooking is a fun hobby and we should all try this sometimes.

I enjoyed myself as a chef for the day.



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