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A Jaguar Fights Back | Bookosmia

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Rehan Akarsh
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. 10 year old Rehan Akarsh, a Bookosmian from Bangalore pens a story about a Jaguar who goes through a personal tragedy but is helped by his friend to fulfil his destiny. How? Read on!
Rehan is a student of Tale Spin and goes to National Public School.

A Jaguar Fights Back | Bookosmia

Hi, my name is Dwayne Johnson. I am a jaguar. Today I will share my story.

I had a brave father. His name was Tim Johnson. He was the king of Jaguar land.

A Jaguar fights back


Unfortunately, one day a powerful rival jaguar attacked us and I could not save my mother and father. I was just 8 months at that time he even tried to kill me, but I survived!

A Jaguar fights back


After three months I met another jaguar. His name was Brock. We became best friends. He taught me new fighting techniques and one of the best techniques he taught me was Fast & Furious.

One day I shared my story with him about how a rival jaguar killed my parents. Brock told me that it is time to go back to my land and fight the bad jaguar.

A Jaguar fights back


During the battle, I lost my best friend Brock. I killed the jaguar thanks to the Fast & Furious technique.

After that, I became king of Jaguar Land and I named my son Brock in remembrance of my best friend.


About the author-

Rehan Akarsh, 10, Bangalore


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