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Heer T Shah

Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. Brace yourself for a tale of fantasy, adventure, hungry crocodiles, a real life snakes and ladders board and so much more! All happening at a mysterious forest in this exciting tale by 11 year old Heer T Shah, a Bookosmian from Chennai.

Heer is a student of Maharishi Vidya Mandir(Chetpet), Chennai.

A Mysterious Forest Adventure | Bookosmia

Pam, Janet, Jack, Peter and Colin were fun loving and adventurous cousins. One summer evening they were playing hide and seek in their grandparent’s house.

Pam was looking for everyone in the junk yard when she suddenly stumbled upon a shining object. She got curious and called all her cousins who immediately gathered to see the mysterious looking thing.

Peter took it in his hand and said excitedly,“Hey! This is a map of some mysterious forest adventure.”

Hearing that, all of them looked at each other and shouted in chorus, “Whoa! Let’s go for the adventure.”

Just then, granny called them for dinner and they ran towards their house with the map still in Peter’s hand. After dinner, they went to their room and opened the map. While seeing suddenly they all felt very drowsy and slept off.

A bright flash of light entered their eyes as they stepped into the forest.


A Mysterious Forest Adventure


A heavy voice said, “Welcome to the mysterious magical forest’. You will have to go through four adventures. If you fail, a monster will eat you up. At the beginning of each adventure, you will get a map. Good luck. The fun begins.”

The kids were a little scared but excited. Suddenly a map and a bag dropped in front of them. Peter opened the map and read aloud,” Get ready for the first adventure.”

There was a huge barren land in front of them and they were totally clueless as to what they were supposed to do. Janet started to move. As she put her foot forward a big bouncy spring flung her into the sky. All of them looked with their eyes wide open in shock. Pam said,“ Oh my goodness! There are bouncy springs underneath.”

She looked into the bag in her hand and saw a wooden stick inside. She got an idea. Very carefully she started checking the land with the stick and put her foot on the part which was not bouncy.“Everyone follow me”, cried Pam. Slowly, they crossed it and reached a big river full of crocodiles when another map dropped.

It said, “Well done, the second adventure awaits you!”


A Mysterious Forest Adventure



Jack asked nervously, “How will we cross this dangerous river?”

Everyone looked blank but intelligent Pam had another idea. She said, “ I have a big ball in this bag. I will throw it as far as I can so that the crocodiles swim towards it. Then we can take the boat and cross the river quickly.”

“Awesome idea”, everyone cheered. As per the plan, Pam was able to distract the crocodiles. They jumped into the boat. As the boat was about to reach the riverbank, a huge snake lifted the boat high up in the sky.

Jack screamed, “ Pam give us the parachutes quickly.” Pam immediately gave the parachutes but didn’t have one for herself. The others landed safely.

Another map greeted them – “An exciting game awaits you.”

“Gosh! This is real snakes and ladder”, screamed Colin. Jack rolled the die first and landed in the snake’s mouth. Colin also got caught in the snake’s mouth. Peter luckily escaped the snakes and ended the game successfully all alone and sad. Just then the fourth map dropped which said,“ Bravo, Go Ahead!”

A ferocious monster greeted Peter,“ Hahaha, all your cousins are in my stomach and soon you will be there too.”


A Mysterious Forest Adventure


“You arrogant, foolish monster, I challenge you. If you catch me, you can eat me but if you lose you give my cousins back”, replied Peter bravely.

The monster laughed loudly and agreed. Peter started running towards the tunnel and the monster followed. Both went inside the tunnel. The tunnel started narrowing as Peter went further inside. The huge monster got stuck in it and shouted for help. Peter had won! The monster returned his cousins and all of them stepped out of the forest happily.

“Children get up, it’s 8’o clock. Come down for breakfast,” called granny. The kids got up tired and still sleepy .“Did you all have the same adventure dream?” asked Peter. They all stared at each other in amazement. Maybe it wasn’t a dream after all?



About the author-

Heer T Shah, 11, Chennai


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  • M.Rajalekshmi

    Excellent Heer dear. Excited to read and excitement till end.

  • Kunjan Shah

    Wonderful imagination and narrative!

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