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A Poem About Siblings | Bookosmia

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Shaurya Shah
Hello! Your friend, Sara here. 9 year old Shaurya Shah, a Bookosmian from Vadodara pens a delightful poem about a typical day messing around with his brother. Tell us about your sibling!
Shaurya is a student of Billabong High International School.

A Poem About Siblings | Bookosmia

Once I was playing

Hide and seek with my brother

I was hiding in a cupboard

In a cupboard, in a cupboard.


A poem about siblings








As you see

He is little forgetful

He forgot to find me

In a place that is awful


I waited and waited

And waited more and more

And slowly and slowly

I became frightful

A poem about siblings










My face was becoming

Red like chilli with anger

I heard rumblings

Because of hunger



A poem about siblings










I jumped out of the cupboard

Just like a flash

Then I gave him

A big and loud smash!


Learn more about the author here :

Shaurya Shah, 9, Vadodara


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