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‘A purrfect cat named ‘Jello’’ Essay by 11 year old Bookosmian from Bangalore

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Vivaan Kavoor
Hey fam! Sara here. No one can forget the day they get a new pet. 11 year old Vivaan Kavoor from Bangalore reminisces the special day he got his cat ‘Jello’ and pens a lovely essay about him.
Vivaan goes to Delhi Public School, Bangalore and is a student of The Hobby Place.

‘A purrfect cat named ‘Jello’’ Essay by 11 year old Bookosmian from Bangalore

July 4 2020 will always be a special day for me as that is the day I found Jello, my cat.

Do you know that July 4th is the U.S Independence Day?

A fun fact about cats — they sleep 2/3 of their lives which is about fifteen hours every day!

Jello likes tasting different types of plants, he usually goes outside and plays with other cats. He lays down in paper bags and dozes off in them. When he is sleeping, I move him on the bed and when he wakes up, he is like ‘where did the paper bag go?’.

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In the picture, he is actually looking at his chew toy to attack it.

After we took the picture, he started meowing for food so loud that it almost reached outer space!

After giving him food, he jumped on the sofa and slept like a log. We took him out in the evening. He had a lot of fun.

Jello likes climbing on trees. He stays on the tree for hours together.

Jello likes to eat plants, sleep, play and lie on high spots.


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