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‘A spooky walk up the stairs’ Story by 12 year old Bookosmian from Salem

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Nethrra S

Hello hello! Your friend, Sara here! What happens if you have to walk up dark stairs at midnight after watching a horror movie? 12 year old Nethrra S from Salem recounts this spooky tale!


Nethrra is a student of Sri Chaitanya Techno School, Salem.

‘A spooky walk up the stairs’ Story by 12 year old Bookosmian from Salem

It was 11 pm on a rainy night. I was about to go to bed after watching a horror movie when my mother told me to go and close the terrace door. I was shocked!

In my house, if we have to reach the terrace we have to climb two floors. I didn’t want to be alone since the horror movie was still in my head but I said ‘Ok’ to my mother. I switched on the light to the stairs but unfortunately, the power was out.

I got a torch but there was no battery in it. I thought of taking a mobile phone but my mother was on call, my father was busy doing something with his phone.

I felt bad for agreeing to do this. I silently went to the stairs and stepped on it frightened.

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I started to climb when I suddenly heard thunder as it was raining. I stepped on to climb the second floor when I heard someone shouting my name loudly. This made me still  more scared. I started to chant some God’s slogans as they say ghosts are scared of Gods.

Suddenly, I heard my favourite song and thought who is playing this when there is no power?

Finally, I reached upstairs and closed the terrace door.  I took a deep breath and ran downstairs fast.

As I reached down, my mother said that she was calling me aloud and it was my sister who played my favourite song on her phone. My father asked me how I had climbed up in the pitch dark. I didn’t respond but I was glad there were no ghosts up the stairs!


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