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A Stormy Day By The Sea | Bookosmia

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Naina Agarwal

Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. 8 year old Naina Agarwal, a Bookosmian from Kolkata writes a descriptive piece about a stormy day at sea and how it calmed down the next day. After the storm, comes the calm. Let’s stay positive!

Naina is a student of Word Munchers and goes to Modern High School for Girls.

A Stormy Day By The Sea | Bookosmia

I was sitting on a beach chair, reading my book when it happened. The sky turned dark grey, rain started pouring on me and thunder started pounding like a drum in the distance.

A Stormy Day by the Sea


I was glad I was not too close to the sea. Lots of boats started showing up in the ocean at a distance. They were coming quickly to the shore, tossing and turning in the ferocious waves.


As the storm grew stronger, I got more scared and started running helter-skelter towards the hotel with my little sister at my heels. The water got so fierce that I could hear it slapping against the shore all the way from my room, which was about fifty feet away from the sea.


A lifeguard, who was very restless, ran across the beach, with a red flag, when the sea began attacking the shore. He almost slipped on the water which now had thirty feet high waves.

A Stormy Day by the Sea


Suddenly, I heard a scream coming from the clouds, which I soon realised was the wind itself. I saw sand flying in the air and quickly shut the window. Tired, I fell off to sleep.


Soon after, when I had woken up from a nap, I looked out of the window to see nothing but the sun shining in the sky, ready to set in the clear blue space. This time, the waves had gone down and turned back to normal, while the ocean itself was a clear turquoise colour.

A Stormy Day by the Sea


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