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A Trip To The Car Wash | Bookosmia

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Seyon V Narendra

Never knew a trip to the car wash could be so much fun! Check out this fun poem by 8 year old Seyon V Narendra, a Bookosmian from Yanbu, Saudi Arabia.


Congrats to Not Just Tales by Khusshbo for nurturing his creativity.

A Trip To The Car Wash | Bookosmia

A trip to the car wash


My car is full of dirt

Need to go to wash, for a scrub, scrub, scrub

Oh no, oh no I took a wrong road

Need to go to Hosh road for my wash

Pants are torn with holes

Need to go to the shop for more.


Quarter for a blue pant, no, no, no I forgot my carwash

Rayen is the one who does my wash

Oh good, oh good talking to you

I am near the car wash

My pants are on my legs and my car is clean

Now I can go back home for a cup of tea


A trip to the car wash


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