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Adventures Of The Dragon Family | Bookosmia

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P.N Hitaesh

Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. What do you think a family of dragons would be like? 12 year old P.N Hitaesh, a Bookosmian from Chennai imagines that scenario in this story where naughty little dragons play near a volcano. Read on!

Hitaesh is a student of NSN Memorial Senior Secondary School.

Adventures Of The Dragon Family | Bookosmia

Once there lived a family of dragons named Draco, Mushu and Drogan. Draco was the father, Mushu was the mother and Drogan was their son.

Adventures of the dragon family


One day, Drogan went to play in the forest with his friends. All dragons were warned not to play near the dangerous volcano but Drogan and his friends were curious so they went there.


As they went there, the volcano erupted! The dragons ran to safety but Drogan, unfortunately, got stuck in a place where his father’s enemy lived.

Adventures of the dragon family


When Drogan was not home, Mushu and Draco searched but he was not to be seen anywhere. Then Draco’s enemy came and said “Your son is with me. You need to fight with me and my group if you want him back.”


Adventures of the dragon family


The fight started in the evening and it was a hard fought one. Finally, Draco and Mushu won the fight and Drogan came home.



About the author-

P.N Hitaesh, 12, Chennai


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