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‘An uncertain future’ by 10 year old Hanu Vardhan from Chennai

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Hanu Vardhan

Hey everyone, Sara here. A life with COVID around has proven to be difficult in so many ways, but the hardest has been the uncertainty of knowing what the future holds- in the next day, the next month or the next year. 10 year old Hanu Vardhan from Chennai shares a simple, heartfelt essay on this theme.


Hanu is a student of N.S.N Memorial SCHOOL, Chennai

‘An uncertain future’ by 10 year old Hanu Vardhan from Chennai

It was a bright Sunday morning. I woke up as usual and brushed my teeth, took  a bath, ate food and saw the news. When I heard, “Corona has risen upto 100, lock down till April 14,” I was happy. I was a bit sad too as I wont be enjoying it with my friends.
On April 14, the lockdown had extended. That was the day I was more sad. Lockdown 3.0 extended, lockdown 4.0 extended, lockdown 5.0 started and  ended on September 1. They said no lockdown will be there in September as people who are poor, aren’t doing well. I was so happy that I’m free but I will be staying at home .
 I heard  ‘online classes’ are going to happen from Monday in the parent’s app. I created an account in google classroom . But we were told that only few  students joined, so we classes will start from tomorrow onwards. The new  studying plan was introduced a month ago. School started live classes. And  we encountered many problems in our live classes . Some students used to explore the pens and colours in the annotate option in zoom , so we wont be able to see the screen. Then the school said,” Now we are going to reduce the  screen time , so your child will have only two periods from tomorrow onwards.”
We don’t know what is going to happen in the FUTURE, so we should just carry on and try to enjoy what happens .


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