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Autobiography Of A Jet Ski | Bookosmia

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Devaanshi Nathany
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. If you were a jet ski, what would your life be like? 10 year old Devaanshi Nathany, a Bookosmian from Kolkata imagines this scenario beautifully. Read on!
Devaanshi goes to Modern High School for Girls and is a student of Word Munchers

Autobiography Of A Jet Ski | Bookosmia

I was born in a factory not far from the beach. The people over there called me Devaanshi.


Autobiography of a jet ski


I am shaded with emerald green and jet black colors. The people of Goa beach own me. They take great care of me and help me when I get hurt.

Visitors enter as soon as I wake from my sleep. They crowd to ride me. Each time I give a person a ride, the other comes and sits on my seat. It is unfortunate to have no rest but all the same, I enjoy it. Then after a long tedious morning, I go back to my room then I am brought back as the afternoon approaches.


Autobiography of a jet ski


During that time, there are fewer visitors, so I am able to talk to my friends. We all crack jokes and tell humorous incidents.

Anya, who is my best friend always behaves clownishly and makes us fall in splits. When someone sits on me suddenly, it makes me hot-blooded. You don’t know how dangerous I can be! I can do anything.


Autobiography of a jet ski


Then I again go back to the waters and make people ride. On some days, no visitors come and on other days there are hundreds of visitors and I don’t even get a rest. I know that getting bored is far better than being tired and having no rest.

I think my life is very good and I enjoy it a lot. Sometimes it becomes very tiring but that’s ok.


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Devaanshi Nathany, 10, Kolkata


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