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Back To School – When Aliens Took Over | Bookosmia

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Vihaan Pattalay
Imagine this. You go to school and find that all your teachers are aliens! Whaaat?! 9 year old Vihaan Pattalay, a Bookosmian from Hyderabad has all the details!
He goes to Suchitra Academy.

Back To School – When Aliens Took Over | Bookosmia

Back to school - When aliens took over


I reached school early so I decided to go see my math teacher first as I had a problem. I opened the door and saw aliens instead of teachers!

I was frightened and ran to the classroom. When I locked myself in the classroom, my best friend arrived so I let him in. Then I played in the classroom with my friend. I was thirsty and I forgot my water bottle. Then I bravely told my friend that I am going out of the classroom to drink some water. He came with me.


Back to school - When aliens took over


There, near the water dispenser, we saw a superhero spray. We sprayed it on the aliens and they ran away. We freed and our teachers and school went back to normal.

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