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Be Kind, Be An Animal Conservationist | Bookosmia


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A Yuktika
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. 12 year old A Yuktika, a Bookosmian from Chennai sends in a super essay on how we can help animals. Do you have any suggestions?

Yuktika is a student of N.S.N Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chrompet.

Be Kind, Be An Animal Conservationist | Bookosmia

I think most of us have heard this term a lot. What do you think of when you hear the word animal conservation? Probably saving rare or wild animals from getting extinct or endangered and guess what you are right! All that is a part of animal conservation.


But what if you knew that you could be a part of it as well, yes animal conservation is not only about rescuing extinct or endangered animals it also involves helping any animal in need of help. They could be wild animals, zoo animals and even domestic animals.

Essay on Animal conservation


I bet most of you have seen helpless kittens, or injured dogs limping because their leg has been run over by a vehicle or been beaten up by people . And most of the times when we’ve seen something like this we have only walked away helplessly either because we don’t know what to do, or because we’ve been warned by people that you could catch an infection from it or if you are young, your parents would say the dog or cat will bite you just because they don’t want you to get dirty.


Essay on Animal conservation


But think about it; if you were the dog or cat how would you feel? Wouldn’t you feel awful; wouldn’t you be in a lot of pain?


After hearing all of this you might be thinking what should I do? How can I help?


Essay on Animal conservation


You can raise awareness; make people understand the importance of animal conservation. Or if you see an ailing or injured animal you can call the nearest vet or any NGO or organisation that helps animals. One such famous organisation is the Blue Cross.


Remember, God created the earth not only for humans. Be kind. Be a conservationist!


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  • Ranjini Babu

    Congratulations another budding writer! Ranjani Babu

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    Congrats my princess. Keep writing. God bless


  • June starr

    Good Yuktika congratulations your article was very meaning full all the best God bless

    June starr

  • G Beena

    Congrats my dear Princess. Keep writing

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    Congrats dear keep writing

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    Awesome Yuki, keep writing ,loved the narrative skill. God Blesd

  • Arun mozhi

    Marvellous Yukthika. Good thinking. Good work. God bless you dear. Keep going.

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