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‘Believing In Oneself Can Sow The Seeds For A Big Change’ Story by 10 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

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Varnika Rungta
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. What is the one lesson you wish to imbibe from Gandhiji’s sayings? 10 year old Varnika Rungta from Kolkata has a beautiful story to share of how she learnt to believe in herself.
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‘Believing In Oneself Can Sow The Seeds For A Big Change’ Story by 10 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

It was the end of the academic term and our final examinations were about to begin. I was studying day in and out to prepare for my examination.


My first exam was English Literature and I had worked very hard with my mother and prepared well. But the next day, a shocking news came that my maternal grandfather was having some issues with his heart and my mother had to go to support them. I was all lost and didn’t know how I would do, but then my mom explained to me to believe in myself.


My mother was not in a mindset to teach after she got to know the dreadful news. That day I had to study on my own.


My mom had left so I knew that I had to get my act together and prove to the world that I could study without her. I was ambitious to succeed hence I prepared myself well. After going there, my mom made it a point to call me every morning to wish me good luck. That one call would boost my confidence.


Overall my exams went on really well but deep in my heart I just prayed that my maternal grandfather would get well soon and my mother would soon come home.

Due to the pandemic, the annual prize day got delayed and the prize winners were not declared. Finally, some days ago we had a virtual prize day and to my utmost surprise, I stood second in my class.


I was thankful to God for making me realize that only believing in oneself can sow the seeds for a big change.


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