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Best School – Saying Goodbye To My Old School | Bookosmia

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Shambhawi Jha

They say all good things come to an end. 14 year old Shambhawi Jha, a Bookosmian from Ranchi, feels that way as she bids adieu to her old school in this emotional poem. Tell us about your school!

She goes to Delhi Public School, Ranchi.

Best School – Saying Goodbye To My Old School | Bookosmia


Best school - Saying goodbye to my old school


I’m happy to have a new school dress;

But l’m missing my old school no less.

In my new school I’m ready to give my very best;

But the memories of my old school don’t let me rest.


l’m ready to make my future bright here;

But l’ll always miss the place because my childhood was spent there.

For the first day of my school l’d always crave;

But will never forget the school that once called me brave.


I’m eager to enter into the new gates;

But want to spend a day or two with my old classmates.

I’m neither too happy nor too sad;

I’m feeling neither too good nor too bad.


No doubt wherever l am I will give my best till the last;

And for sure I will not forget the days of my past.

I wonder if the above said is right;

If not then take it light.


To take my dream to a height

I’ll leave the ground to the sky as does a high flying kite.

I hope to learn something new;

As to my old school I say adieu.


Best school - Saying goodbye to my old school


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