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‘Big Friendly Giant (BFG)’ Poem by 8 year old Shifa Zahra Touseef from Lucknow

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Shifa Zahra Touseef

Hey friends, Sara here! I am delighted to have 8 year old Shifa Zahra Touseef from Lucknow share this amusing poem, to brighten up our days! No prizes for guessing that she is a Roald Dahl fan.


Shifa is a student of Staford, Lucknow.

‘Big Friendly Giant (BFG)’ Poem by 8 year old Shifa Zahra Touseef from Lucknow

Matilda was a little girl, so very very small

One day she met a BFG who was very very tall.


Matilda, who was clever, could read, write and rhyme

The BFG was blank as a brush, couldn’t even tell the time.


These little friends had nothing in common,

Lots of fun they had.

Until one day, BFG did something bad.


He put down Matilda on the floor

So he could scratch his back,

But with his big foot he stepped and heard a crack

He felt something gluey between his fingers.


He let out a really big scream.

Was Matilda crushed under his feet?

Or it was a terrible dream?


The BFG lifted his foot,

But Matilda was not there.

The thing he had stood on

Was a Gizarddegulper’s snot


For those of us who don’t know-

The “Gizzardgulper” is one of the nine man-eating giants that live in Giant Country, who enjoy snatching and gobbling up little children at night while the BFG delivers dreams to the children.


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