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‘Chatting up with Nature’ story by 11 year old R.G.Gautham from Chennai

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Hey friends, Sara here!by 11 year old R.G.Gautham from Chennai shares a story of his unbelievable catch up with nature’s elements.

‘Chatting up with Nature’ story by 11 year old R.G.Gautham from Chennai

Morning 7:00 AM

I woke up suddenly. I don’t know why.
Gautham (ME) saying to myself – Let’s go brush.
Hmm….Hey! The air is cold today. But it is summer season. How can air be so
Air: Hey, child I’m giving you the cool air.
Me: Who is that? Are you a ghost or something else? Please tell me who are
Air: Yes! I will tell you who I am. My name is Air. Can you see me?
Me: Huh! Wait! How can air speak? But I can’t see you.
Air: God has given me opportunity to speak to you. And you can’t see me because I’m air. Can you see me on normal days?
Me: No!
Air: Yes! You can’t see me. Well, can you guess why I am giving cool air?
Me: No! I can’t guess. It’s hard.
Air: Well, I won’t tell it. Go and see out of the window.
Me: Wait, I will. Hmm… I am watching out of the window but, nothing is here.

Cloud: Hi! Child. How are you?
Me: It doesn’t sound like air’s voice. I think it is a ghost. Air, save me from the
ghost. Please! Please!


Air: Hey child, it’s my friend Cloud. He will be fat because he has more water in his stomach. He has to release water as rain which is useful to humans.

Me: Well nice! I like clouds very much because they are in different shapes and  they give us rain.

Cloud: Thanks for saying good things about me. Many like me I think, well, child do you have any wishes? Before going to the wishes, I have to thank air  because water vapour makes me.
Air: You are welcome Cloud!!
Me: Can I ask for a wish Cloud?
Cloud: Ask?
Me: Give us rain Cloud. Now!


After some seconds, it started to rain!!!


Me: I like rain very much. Cloud, can you continue this rain for two hours? Please!
Cloud: Yes, of course!
Air: Child, now I am going to introduce my other two friends. They are the
TREE and the RAIN.

Rain: Hi Child!
Tree: Hi Child!
Me: Oh nice! I like them.
Air: Child, you didn’t tell me the answer for the question I asked you first. Why am I giving you cool air? Should I tell you the answer?

Rain: Wait Air, I will tell him the answer. Child, because of this lockdown, nature  is not polluted. If the lockdown is not there, the air, the water and the land will  be polluted. And humans, will also cut the trees. We are precious, but you are  not using us properly.

Tree: Please don’t cut us. We are giving you shade and we are also attracting the rain and making the weather pleasant.


Me: We, humans, will use nature properly. Don’t worry. We won’t pollute you.
Air, Rain, Cloud, Tree: Thank you very much!!

Me(looking at the clock): Oh! Is it a dream? Doesn,t matter. What they have told is true. We, humans have to follow what nature has told us.


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