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Christmas Vacation – My Plan | Bookosmia

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Omi Patel
Yay! Vacation coming up! Almost 5 year old Omi Patel, a Bookosmian from Toronto tells us her plans. What are your plans?
She goes to Rosethorn junior school.

Christmas Vacation – My Plan | Bookosmia

Christmas vacation - My plan
My school will finish very soon. I am excited to go to my grandparents house. I want to stay with them until my vacation is over because I cannot stay with them during the school.
I will play with my aunt. I will also take my sand toys with me so I can make sand castles in the park there. My other two aunties are also coming with their families. I am going to have lots of fun.
Christmas vacation - My plan
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  • Mital patel

    Wow wonderful plan. Enjoy sand snow!!!

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