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Daughters Bring Joy | Bookosmia


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Alesha Jariwala
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. 9 year old Alesha Jariwala, a Bookosmian from Katy, Texas writes a sweet poem about daughters and how they are one of the brightest stars in the

Daughters Bring Joy | Bookosmia

Daughters bring joy



Daughters, they are so blessed,
Daughters, they are ready to impress!
Their parents are thrilled to have them,
They make the family as shiny as a gem!

They are responsible and caring,
Daughters, they are mischievous but daring!
They have dreams they want to follow,
Their heart is not so hollow.

They have unique names,
They are in family picture frames.
They aren’t lazy and stumble
When they are mad they don’t mumble.

Now you know who daughters are,
They are one of the family’s bright stars.
Daughters are way more than I think,
They are not tiny girls who just like pink!


Daughters bring joy




About the author-

Alesha Jariwala, 9, Texas


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2 Replies to “Daughters Bring Joy | Bookosmia”

  • Nirzari

    Beautifully written…loved every line of it.

  • vandana

    Very beautifull heart touching daughters are star of the ?

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