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Dear 2021, I Hope For Better Health | Bookosmia

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Harshika Agarwal
Hey folks! Your friend, Sara here. If you had a chance to write a letter to 2021, what would you say? 8 year old Harshika Agarwal, a Bookosmian from Kolkata would like a healthier 2021. What about you?
Harshika is a student of Word Munchers and goes to La Martienere for Girls.

Dear 2021, I Hope For Better Health | Bookosmia

Dear 2021,

The expectation I have for 2021 is that schools would reopen after a long time. I look forward to studying in my classroom because we can gather direct information from our class teacher. Our doubts can be cleared easily.


 Dear 2021, I hope for better health


Since the vaccine has been discovered in 2021, it would help us to overcome the difficulties faced by all of us. Children as well as – elders, have suffered in by someway or the other.

I look forward to achieving a higher level of fitness as we stayed at home for about a year. My father helps me with cycling.

 Dear 2021, I hope for better health

Earlier we could not spend much time with my family members, but 2020 helped us spending quality time with each other and live in harmony.

To achieve my goal I will have less junk food and chocolates.

 Dear 2021, I hope for better health

I am definitely adding some physical activity to my schedule by joining Sangvi Dance online classes.

Thank you 2021, for giving me the opportunity, as I am coming back slowly to my normal lifestyle.

Yours lovingly,

Harshika Agarwal

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