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Dog Humour – If Dogs Could Talk… | Bookosmia

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Udita Sharma

What if dogs could talk? That’s the hot topic currently among Bookosmians! 10 year old Udita Sharma from Mumbai pens her own poetic interpretation!

She goes to CNS, Kandivali East.

Dog Humour – If Dogs Could Talk… | Bookosmia

Dog humour - If dogs could talk…

If dogs could talk, cry and joke, that would be

surprising for all human folk.


A shout over here, a scream over there,

Can anyone tell me how life would be fair?


Life would be a total disaster, that is clear,

Then even God can’t tell me, there is nothing to fear.


Another cup of coffee please,

Achoo! take me to the vet, I have a disease.


No more howls, no more cries, just tell me

straight that you ate my fries.


I’m sure after all of this,

barking dogs, we will miss.



Dog humour - If dogs could talk…


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