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‘Dreams In Their Eyes’ Poem By 9 year old Riya Bharwad From Ahmedabad

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Riya Bharwad

Hey everyone! Your best friend, Sara here. So touched by this poem by 9 year old Riya Bharwad from Ahmedabad reminding us of how fortunate we are. Are you also grateful for what you have? Tell me about it on email-

Riya goes to Eklavya School and is a student of Titli by Rebecca’s Image Station.

‘Dreams In Their Eyes’ Poem By 9 year old Riya Bharwad From Ahmedabad

I peeped out of my car’s window…

Looking at the kids rushing out of their houses,

Back to school, after the summer break.

With fancy bags and branded shoes,

Some were crying not to go. 

While some were excited to go.


On the other side of the road I saw,

A girl who was dreaming a dream she couldn’t fulfil…

She was holding a doll,

 In a worn out dress.


 I saw a boy making shoes,

For others, 

but never made one for himself.


His feet were burning in the sun

 but he knew he had to work…


I looked out of the window,

Thinking that there would be millions

Of such kids in the world 

with a dream they cannot fulfill.


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