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Emergency Room – Learning To Be Careful | Bookosmia

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Hriday Sheth
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. Nothing good comes out of being careless, that’s a lesson Hriday Sheth, a 5.5 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata wants us to remember!
He goes to Birla High School.

Emergency Room – Learning To Be Careful | Bookosmia

Emergency room - Learning to be careful


Nakul came to the doctor. He got hurt in the stomach because he banged into something while being naughty.

Dr Dan was kind. He tapped Nakul’s stomach with his stethoscope. Dr Dan called a nurse to bring an injection, then he gave an injection to Nakul in his stomach.

The nurse brought a computer machine to test his stomach. Dr Dan gave Nakul pills and told him to take good rest and that he will get better soon.

Nakul learnt that we should be careful while playing so we don’t hurt ourselves.


Emergency room - Learning to be careful


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