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‘Everyday Is ‘Sun’day’ Poem by 9 year old Bookosmian from Gurgaon

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Noah Balotar
Knock knock, guess who? Your friend, Sara ofcourse! 9 year old Noah Balotar from Gurgaon is in awe of the sun. Aren’t we all?
Noah is a student of the Little Writers’ Club by KathaVachak Khushboo , Founder of  Not Just Tales.

‘Everyday Is ‘Sun’day’ Poem by 9 year old Bookosmian from Gurgaon

The sun is bright and yellow,
It looks as small as an ant.

But when a fellow looks at it from space,
It isn’t even yellow,
Nor is it mellow.

It is really big,
It is like a million hot tubs
So many degrees, I can’t even count.

So remember to only see if from here,
For if you enter the sun’s atmosphere
You will find yourself in fire,
And that’s a problem too hot to handle!



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