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Find A Spark For Yourself | Bookosmia

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Taneesha Sheth
Hey all! Your friend, Sara here. 13 year old Taneesha Sheth, a Bookosmian from Singapore shares an inspiring poem about finding your spark. What is the best thing about yourself? Tell us!

Taneesha is a student of Centrestage Young Orators and goes to Singapore American School.

Find A Spark For Yourself | Bookosmia

Glowing summer moon
the ocean her bright mirror
cherished reflection.


Find a spark for yourself

Look in….
on either side
people with great delight
never, leaving, your precious side
deep inside, across, someone packed with fright
fear, panic, terror darkly congested in one.

The truth…
an abundance of opportunities
knocking right on your door waiting to be explored.


Find a spark for yourself


In the reflection
a path, a road, built to lead
a window, a door
a bridge to wars and friendships
but in the end, after all
life has walls
life has angel falls.

Look in…
the cracks and crevices of your heart
but always lookout
life is dreadfully filled with
dark skies
stormy advice
shady allies

Look in …
and strike your match across your judgment clouded
hoping to find a light
lights that spark within some
some that are made
made to never realize
realize what they have created
when a unique journey has

Find a spark for yourself


Look in …
find a spark for yourself
ignite your light
let it shine.

Look in…

Look in…
the glowing summer moon.



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