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Good Samaritan – The Bunny Rabbit’s Kindness | Bookosmia

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Pratishtha Agarwal
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. Sometimes, little kind gestures by us can change another person’s life. It’s true! Ask 9 year old Pratishtha Agarwal, a Bookosmian from Jaipur, who tells us the story of a hungry cat and an unexpected savior.
Congrats to Not Just Tales by Khusshbo for nurturing her creativity.

Good Samaritan – The Bunny Rabbit’s Kindness | Bookosmia


Good samaritan - The bunny rabbit’s kindness

Once there lived a cat called Kitty with her kittens in a canal. She was unable to procure milk. But somehow, they managed with a loaf of bread. This went on for a few days. She was tired and had no help.

One day, a rabbit named Bunny was passing by, and suddenly he saw sad Kitty and asked, “What happened to you Kitty? Why are you looking a little sad, tell me what happened?”

Then she narrated the whole story to Bunny. Bunny thought for a couple of minutes and said, “Where I live, my master gives me milk every day. I don’t like it; hence I promptly go out and eat carrots. The milk stays as it is. You can come to my house daily and drink the milk with your kittens.”

Good samaritan - The bunny rabbit’s kindness

The Kitty started going to Bunny’s house every day. She fed herself and her kittens. She expressed gratitude to Bunny for helping her. Sometimes, even getting a carrot for her.

After that, her kittens and she never went hungry again.


Good samaritan - The bunny rabbit’s kindness


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