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Here’s What I Want To Be When I Grow Up | Bookosmia


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Vivaan Sanghvi
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. We are often asked what we want to be when we grow up. 9 year old Vivaan Sanghvi, a Bookosmian from Kolkata already has it all planned. Find out the cool profession he plans to have for himself!
Vivaan is a student of The Heritage School and Word Munchers.

Here’s What I Want To Be When I Grow Up | Bookosmia

My ambition in life is to be an accomplished artist. My brother’s drawings helped me make my choice because they were really nice and inspiring.

Here’s what I want to be when I grow up


My parents were really surprised when I told them about my ambition since it was my brother who was the artist. Inspite of this, they were supportive and excited about the choice I had made.

I prefer to draw old vintage cars, paying more attention to details.

Here’s what I want to be when I grow up


I feel, that if I take drawing lessons, I will learn the correct techniques and shading skills, that is needed to make a sketch look real.


I know that in order to fulfil my dream, I will have to go an extra mile, but in the end, everyone achieves their goals even if they are 70 years old if they are passionate and hard working.

Here’s what I want to be when I grow up


I see myself as a great “ Vintage Car” artist publishing my own sketch book for children where they can copy my sketches as well as colour them in my near and distant future.


About the author-

Vivaan.D.Sanghvi, 9, Kolkata


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22 Replies to “Here’s What I Want To Be When I Grow Up | Bookosmia”


    Very well written Vivaan , May you achieve whatever you aspire for .
    Much Love. BABA….

  • Mukesh Bhansali

    Wow Vivaan!!! What a sweet ambition you have and from my side I can say I would love to assist you in every manner that your objective is achieved !!! Good luck to you and
    God Bless
    Your Nannu ,

  • Well done Vivi!!

  • vinraman

    It is really heartening to see someone so young being so articulate about his ambition. Well done Vivaan. Keep your aim in sights and keep writing wonderfully

  • Jignesha Bhansali

    Vivaan you shall achieve whatever you dream for. It is very important that you dream and you have the kind of parents who will go to any length to make your dreams come true. All the best big boy ??
    Mama & Mami

  • Rima shah

    Good work vivaan…keep going & achieve ur dreams..all the very best champ!!

    Chinu masi.

  • Simoni

    Such a wonderful insight to his ambition. Wishing you all the very best Vivaan. Whatever you set your mind to you shall achieve.
    Best wishes,

  • Niki Mehta

    It’s easy to follow what you are good at, but to choose something you are not that good at needs guts and hard work.. and am pretty sure you will achieve what you want, because I totally believe in
    WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY.. Wishing you luck all the way


    Wonderful vivaan .! May your dres.are fulfilled and super vision..! Good Luck ..!

  • Jayshree Sanghvi

    Super Vivaan,I am looking forward to your collection of drawings
    All the best always my little one,dadu & me totally support & bless you

  • Rajul Chanchani

    Wonderful Vivaan……so proud of you. At a young age to know what you want and to do strive for it is commendable. I am sure of your determination and you will surely succeed. God bless you.
    Rajul Aunty.

  • Krishna Chatterjee

    Wonderful Vivaan ! I just loved your ambition.. thought you would say I want to be a cricketer..but have your colourful spreadsheet in front of you..with details et all..well here’s wishing you many many vibrant and colourful miles ahead..pick up your brushes boy ..God bless you…

  • Manila Mukherjee

    Good luck kiddo..!! Hope to see your drawings the next time I’m visiting..

  • Shoumik De

    Awesome Vivan, you gonna grow up to be a really amazing writer. Just remember the key is to read everyday and write everyday. God bless you.

  • henna agarwal

    Well put words, insightfully written at such a tender age Vivaan. God bless you! May all your wishes come true!!

  • Neha Poddar

    Very well written Vivaan and with so much of clarity! You will surely achieve your goals with the kind of determination you show. All the best!

  • Kriti

    Superb Vivaan!!way to go!!you surely will reach out to the stars!!

  • Shweta Shukla

    Lovely Vivaan! Looking forward to see your sketches!! Best of luck!

  • Rashmi Killa

    Extremely well written… too good for your age… god bless you

  • Meghna Shah

    Very well written Vivaan….love ur perspective of life…may u achieve everything u deserve..Good luck.

  • Shampa Maitra

    Very well written Vivaan.Follow your passion and may all your dreams come true.
    Best wishes.

  • Sonaina Sood

    So very well written!All the very best of luck to you Vivaan

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