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‘I Look Forward To Science Class’ Essay by 12 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

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Anoushka Chopra

Hello, your friend, Sara here! Today is the International day of women and girls in science. A perfect day to read this wonderful write-up by 12 year old Anoushka Chopra from Kolkata on how she loves to learn about science.

Anoushka goes to Sushila Birla Girls School and is a student of Word Munchers.

‘I Look Forward To Science Class’ Essay by 12 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

Science helps in discovering how things in the universe work, provides a logical reason behind everything and arouses curiosity about the different changes happening in the world.

I look forward to our science class every Monday and Thursday. Not only do we learn new facts about things we didn’t even know about but also perform experiments and observe what happens for ourselves.


Science helps us find solutions to problems arising in our everyday life. It opens a whole new world of possibilities for me and makes me wonder of all those things I had never even thought of before.


Science provides me with an understanding on the ways of the world and makes our life easier. From everything we do daily, to the machines we use, science gives us a detailed explanation for everything.


The reason I like it best is because I learn lots of things and have fun at the same time. Also it isn’t something I have to believe simply because it has been taught to me. I can investigate and discover it for myself which makes it all the more interesting.


Science has transformed modern life, has changed our ways of thinking and led to such an advanced technology which has made our life easy.


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