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If I Could Taste The Colours Of The Rainbow | Bookosmia

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Harshika Khanna
Hello good people! Your friend, Sara here. 8 year old Harshika Khanna, a Bookosmian from Kolkata pens an enticing poem about edible rainbows! What flavour would you want?
Harshika is a student of Word Munchers and goes to Sushila Birla Girls School.
This poem was one of the winning entries at a poetry writing competition organised by Word Munchers for LItWit 2, a fest celebrating creativity organised by Word Munchers and VR Books.

If I Could Taste The Colours Of The Rainbow | Bookosmia

colours of the rainbow


If I could taste the colours of the rainbow…

I think that the violet would taste like mouth-watering grapes,

Indigo, like tiny sparkly blueberries,

Blue, like a fresh drink of blue lagoon,

Green, like the pretty pastel in shade matcha,

Yellow, like dreamy butterscotch,

Orange, like the delicious delight of freshly pressed orange juice.


colours of the rainbow




About the author-


Harshikaa Khanna, 8 , Kolkata


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